The Most Effective Sciatica Back pain Cures Options

There are many people in the world who suffer from sciatic nerve pain. This involves irritation at the sciatic nerve roots, and even the actual nerve itself. An individual who is suffering from sciatica will feel pain in their lower back. These pains could also be felt in other places, for instance the buttock and the legs. Discomfort is not the only symptom of sciatica.

You will also sense some kind of weak feeling in your muscles and maybe numbness in the areas associated with sciatica. This can be identified like a feeling of needles pricks around your hips, legs, feet, buttock and lower back. You will find it difficult to move or walk.Existing TreatmentThere are many forms of treatment available for sciatica. These include pain killers and anti inflammatory medications. Sometimes, doctors recommend surgery. This latter option should always be taken as a last option when everything else has not worked.

These medications do provide some relief and allow you to remain active. Bed rest also does help, but you must also perform some simple movements in bed that could help proper blood circulation.Stretching ExercisesSome simple stretching exercises are of great help to relieve the pain. These include stretching of the leg and back. A helpful exercise is as follows: sit in a chair comfortably with your back upright and legs perpendicular to the ground. Slowly put one ankle above knee of the other leg. You can then lean slowly forward as far as possible and feel the stretch in your lower back. Don't force yourself. Just go as far as you can without feeling much pain in the body.

How to relieve sciatica pain fast

You can then do same exercise with the other ankle resting on the other leg, near the thigh. You can repeat a few times on a daily basis.Apart from rest and mild activity, you may need to do some other physical exercises. You can always ask your health care professional to advise about some simple exercises that could ease your discomfort . The purpose of these exercises is to improve your mobility.Natural CureAs far as possible, you should turn towards a natural form of treatment that does not make you depend too much on chemicals.

If necessary, it is best to take natural medicines that do not have much side effects. At times, acupressure also helps. There are also other techniques which can provide long term relief, if not cure your sciatica completely.You can get more information at Healthy Living.

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